Helen Mirren in Winchester. Image via Movie Web |

My love for horror, particularly supernatural ghost stories started young, very young. One of my favourite books to thumb through before I could even read very well, was The Hamlyn Book of Horror by Daniel Farson as the beautifully macabre illustrations would give me the heebee-jeebees; but I also couldn’t take my eyes off them! Somewhere […]

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For #trailertuesday we’re taking a look at the brand new, official second trailer for Red Sparrow starring the incomparable Jennifer Lawrence as Russian Intelligence agent Dominika Egorova. Dominika Egorova is drafted against her will to become a “sparrow,” a trained seductress in the Russian security service. Dominika learns to use her body as a weapon, […]

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James McAvoy as, well...everybody in Split. Image via | DVD Review |

M. Night Shyamalan is back and has used his ‘comeback‘ film to deep dive into the life and lives of a man living with DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder), played with superb chill by the chameleon that is James McAvoy. Is Split for you? Three girls are kidnapped and held against their will by a man […]

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NEW: Nocturnal Animals trailer

Out today is the trailer for Nocturnal Animals. Atmospheric, moody and dark it looks as though Nocturnal Animals is going to be a taut drama that will surprise and shock in equal measure. Nocturnal Animals is also no slouch when it comes to having the top of today’s acting talent on it’s roster. How about […]

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Concussion film review

By Kate “One Take Kate” Taylor Image via It’s probably pretty clear which American sports code I prefer. I can give you a couple of guesses but my penchant for wearing player jerseys, babbling about an ‘All Star Weekend’ for the rest of this month and generally discussing things like dunks or free throws, should […]

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WIN: 1 of 3 THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING double passes

By Kate “One Take Kate” Taylor Image via Paramount Pictures and Mr Leon Taylor Arriving to New Zealand cinemas just in time for Valentine’s Day is the incredible Stephen Hawking biopic The Theory of Everything starring Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones. An achingly beautiful love story, you’ll want to get along to see this stunning film […]

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Unbroken film review

By Kate “One Take Kate” Taylor Image via Mr Leon Taylor Unbroken is a beautifully told true story of Louis ‘Louie’ Zamperini’s incredible life and his trials in overcoming the adversity of poverty; racial discrimination, surviving 47 days at sea on a life raft, as a prisoner at a Japanese POW camp and a coal […]

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