Katy Perry: Getting Intimate DVD movie review

By Kate ‘One Take Kate’ Taylor

Image via Mr Leon Taylor

Woo! Katy Perry is returning to our shores this week playing Auckland’s Vector Arena on Friday 19th and Saturday 20th December. Sadly, I’m not going unless some sort of Katy Perry ticket fairy bestows with me some awesome tickkies to call my own, otherwise it’s a no go. Happily though, I’ve had a look at Katy Perry: Getting Intimate – the unauthorised biography DVD and it’s been a pleasing comfort in my ticketless wasteland. Getting Intimate is like an E! style in-depth look at what Katy’s all about and where she’s come from; there are loads of cool factoids crammed in about her early life and turbulent run to success, right up to the latest compelling interviews with Katy, Russell Brand plus John Mayer commenting about their relationships via interview footage.

Perhaps my favourite aspect of Getting Intimate is that if you’re a fan of Part of Me and the ride-along tour feel and footage of that smash-hit, then you’ll love a look into life with Katy; as she takes you on a unique, personally guided backstage view of her 2008 Hello Katy Tour. It’s beautiful to see that she’s always had a burning vision of what she’s wanted her image and icon within modern pop music culture to be and is still true to it now. Awwww, makes me love her that little bit more! It’s also a fantastic visual catalogue of many of Katy’s on-stage, red carpet and interview fashion, hair and make-up choices…so much inspo to be had here! Most definitely a great addition to any KatyCat’s collection of Perry paraphernalia (especially for Christmas or checkout my giveaway!); it’s a thorough look into what’s brought Katy to where she is today as one of the greatest female artists of the 21st Century. Super fun!

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