Seventh Son movie review

By Kate “One Take Kate” Taylor.

Image via Paramount Pictures and Mr Leon Taylor

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Woowee! This is just what I needed! After a heavy, but not too shabby Oscars season it’s refreshing and fun to immerse into a fantasy world that I was totally unfamiliar with. Seventh Son is an exciting romp through mystical lands, clashes with dragons, witches and creatures of the dark. Think of this as the potential revival of films like Willow or even dare I whisper…Krull.

Master of Basaddery: Mastery Gregory (Jeff Bridges) and Tom Ward (Ben Barnes) roll through town. Image via Paramount Pictures and IMDB.

Sure, you’re going to have to come along for the ride…but what did you think the first time you saw Labyrinth? The Dark Crystal? The Princess Bride? Suspension of cynicism and disbelief will serve you well in watching Seventh Son. Let the fantastical beasts; breath-taking costumes by Jacqueline West (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button), wondrous digital effects worked on by hundreds of digital artists, expansive shooting locations in Canada, kick-ass stunt work and transformative make up special effects wash over you as you yield to this ambitious and daring piece of film
Sergey Bodrov has created, with screenplay by Charles Leavitt (Blood Diamond) and Charles Leavitt (Locke).

Alice will see you now: ‘Come on Tom, don’t over think it‘. Alice comes off a bit ‘Christian Grey’ in her pursuit of Tom. Image via Paramount Pictures and IMDB.

Now, let’s talk about this cast…Ben Barnes (The Chronicles of Narnia films) cuts an authentic ‘Peter Parker’ styled reluctant hero figure as the title role, which hints there is perhaps more to come. Alicia Vikander as Alice is mysterious, deeply sensual and controls or stalks Tom Ward (Barnes) perhaps as strongly as Christian Grey does to Anastasia Steele…or has the same level of creepy stalkerish quality at the least. Nonetheless, it’s kind of badass to see Alice striking out on her own and going after the things she wants. How about that Jeff Bridges as Master Gregory and Julianne Moore as Mother Malkin?! Originally paired to a tee in the magnificent cult classic – The Big Lebowski, Bridges and Moore have a chemistry that’s enthralling; creating a shared history that’s believable and lends that truth to the rest of the film. Bridges is just a delight, working in some proper Jackie Chan ‘drunken master’ styled martial arts into it which made me smile again and again, Jeff was most definitely a highlight! Refreshingly Moore has the opportunity to play a completely over the top evil queen and like most things Ms Julianne puts her name too – she nails it! Oh and her costume, hair and makeup will no doubt be making its appearance at many a Cosplay contest or Drag Show from oooh, riiight about…now! She must have loved the ability to let loose, especially after her recent Oscar win for Still Alice. Fun performances from badguy crew members Djimon Hounsou (Blood Diamond) and Jason Scott Lee (Dragon): Plus, there’s a very special, sneaky cameo in the first 10mins that GOT fans will LOVE! I won’t say much but, if he’s HERE, then who’s defending the wall? ‘Snow regular Jon that’s for sure. Wink.

Scary, vicious vamp lady chic is the fashion in Seventh Son and Julianne Moore as Mother Malkin is the Anna Wintour of this scene, yo! Image via Paramount Pictures and IMDB.

Academic Area: If you stick around and watch all of the credits (which I always do…don’t wanna miss a potential secret scene now do we?!); you’ll see a powerful load of digital artists in those credits. These Photoshop maestros are responsible for so much more than creating dragons! Concept art, smoke effects, fire, making lava sparkle and bubble just so or even the addition of a stunning backdrop, are all created with the swipe of a wand over a tablet. Thankfully industry respect for these vital artists increases year to year. Next time you’re watching a film, challenge what you perceive and ask yourself…is that ‘real’ or digital?

Ben learned quickly not to ask Jeff too many questions on set about R.I.P.D (2013). Image via Paramount Pictures and IMDB

There’s a sense of Harry Potter to it, in that sometimes I did feel as if I was supposed to know more background than I did to service character motives; from the book it is adapted – The Spooks Apprentice by Joseph Delaney. But to be honest once you get stuck into it, you won’t care about grasping every detail. That’s for repeated viewings, which are certainly a given for Seventh Son.

Seventh Son gets a solid 7/10.

Hallensteins – Seventh Son edition. No seriously this sweater is super cool and a great example of  Jacqueline West’s fantastic costume work. Image via Paramount Pictures and IMDB.

Are you excited to see Seventh Son? Seen it? Have you read The Spooks Apprentice?

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