Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom. Image via pro.boxoffice.com | onetakekate.com

Welcome…to Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom that is! The sequel to the $1.6 billion-dollar box office taking Jurassic World (whispers…reboot) has arrived and hits NZ Cinemas today. There’s plenty of haters out there in the movie reviewing community and the wider movie viewing audience, that consider themselves cerebral and highbrow, that wanna dino poo-poo all over […]

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12 Movies of Christmas with OTK

Image via: Mr Leon Taylor Ahhh the traditional Kiwi Christmas! It’s a wonderful time of the year! You’re either; squished tight into an over-packed car travelling hilly, winding distances to see relatives that you can barely remember, to settle in for a two week stint of awkward communal bathroom times. Or perhaps you’re squished into […]

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