Mad Max Fury Road movie review

By Kate “One Take Kate” Taylor Image via Mr Leon Taylor George Miller has returned to his beloved road warrior universe to bring us a revision of the iconic gasoline fueled action that has cemented his contribution to cult film forever. Mad Max Fury Road is a cinematic experience I truly don’t think you’ll be prepared for. It’s […]

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WIN: 1 of 2 Locke DVDs

By Kate ‘ One Take Kate’ Taylor. Image via: Mr Leon Taylor. Locke (2013) is a fantastic thriller starring Tom Hardy (Warrior, Dark Knight Rises) as a man who’s life unravels around him during the space of once frenetic car ride against time as he tries to repair the biggest mistake of his life, or […]

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Locke DVD movie review

By Kate ‘One Take Kate’ Taylor. Image via: Mr Leon Taylor It’s no secret to anyone who knows me; that I’m an active and very vocal supporter of Tom Hardy’s errrr work. No seriously, he’s an amazing actor especially if you’ve had the pleasure of seeing him tear faces off in Bronson or the incredible […]

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