Heavy Metal Ninjas: Richie Allan Interview.

By Kate “One Take Kate” Taylor
The interstellar dudes of Heavy Metal Ninjas are set to head off to Germany very shortly to play the Euroblast Festival on October 2nd – 4th; but not before they plan to melt the faces of the gathered devoted at a very special and exclusive performance in Auckland at The Kings Arms Tavern, tonight (…psst you buy get tickets here). Even though he’s busy getting sorted for the upcoming performance and tour, Richie Allan had a couple of moments spare to answer a few questions about HMN’s upcoming performance at Euroblast, tech preferences and travel essentials…

OTK: Which band or bands are you excited to check out at Euroblast?
Richie Allan: There are a few bands, Tesseract, Monuments, Sikth and Animals As Leaders, but also Felix Martin, just the whole vibe and we will probably walk away digging a lot more bands than we can expect.

OTK: There’s a few workshops and tech get-togethers at Euroblast – will you be instructing at any of these?
RA: As Ibanez endorsees Me and Brandon will be doing an artist signing at the Ibanez Guitars booth while we are there, that’s about it really.

 One for the tech-heads: What do you prefer to practice through, versus what you prefer to play live through and why?
RA: We practice through our Fractal Audio Systems Axe FX II units and we also play live through them, they are an amp simulation unit that we can store and save all our amps, cabs and effects patches and recall them at a touch of a button, very convenient, consistent and reliable.

OTK: Why is it important for HMN to have a farewell’show at The Kings Arms tonight, before you head off to melt faces at Euroblast?
RA: We thought we would like to give local fans an opportunity to see us live before we head off, mostly because it is quite rare for us to play often and it might be a while before they get the chance to come see us.

OTK: Have you been to Germany before?
RA: Yes, not as Heavy Metal Ninjas but as part of the band Kora.

OTK: Is there a specific food that you’re excited to munch down on again on your return?
RA: I’m pretty keen on having some more sausages haha, they were so good.

OTK: What are the travel essentials you MUST take with you in your bag, when you travel overseas?
RA: A lot of the time I usually take some sort of protein powder with me and some gears for weight training, lifting straps, belt. Other than that, everything else that is common sense is essential.

OTK:  Biggest difference in crowd reaction or audiences overseas and in New Zealand?
RA: We will find that out real soon hahaha.

OTK: Best and worst thing about life on the road?

RA: Best thing is meeting fans and making new fans, getting beat down by the travelling, little sleep, it wears you down, but when you get home you wish it never ended. The worst thing is exactly the best thing of course minus the meeting fans part hahaha.

OTK: And finally – describe the new Heavy Metal Ninjas album, ‘Interstellar Abduction’ in three words:
Cosmic Plethora of Light.

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