Oscars 2016 play-by-play

By Kate “One Take Kate” Taylor

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The 2016 Oscars race has been a bit fraught with controversy this year from the very valid #oscarssowhite calls to the #leosgottalent2016 laments, it’s been a contentious time to be grasping for the gold man.

For me, I’m a BIG awards show fan, have been since I was a little kid, with The Academy Awards being the jewel in the crown. As so many starry eyed Oscar winners say up at the podium; watching the Oscars as a child on the other side of the world and dreaming of a silver screen career, behind or in front of the cameras is a shared fantasy for so many in the creative industry. My love of NBA coverage too, made me think of this play-by-play post idea. So I’ll be feeding you little nuggets of comment and moments from the big night as it happens.

Stay tuned for comments and moments from the E! Live from the Red Carpet coverage…

1;20pm – Brie Larson looking amazing in Gucci as she chats to Ryan Seacrest on the E! Red Carpet chatting about eating In and Out Burger with Katy Perry at Grammy Awards shows. Good Luck Brie! She’s up for Best Actress for the magnificent but bleak, ROOM

1:30pm – Henry Cavill looking sooo fine on the E! Red Carpet, chatting about Batman Vs Superman, who’s suit is more comfy and that he’s seated next One Take Kate favourite Tom Hardy this evening for the ceremony. Geez I wanna be in that row!

2:35pm – We’ve kicked off the 88 Academy Awards and the opening montage is suspiciously diverse. Chris Rock comes out and starts ripping it straight away…”Wow, I think I noticed at least like 15 Black people in that!” Sidebar…most of that was Straight Outta Compton being shown more than once.

2:47pm – BEST SCREENPLAY goes to Spotlight.

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2:53pm – BEST ADAPTED SCREENPLAY goes to The Big Short. Very surprised this won over Room to be honest. At least Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe killed it on presenting.

Chris Rock killing it with a sketch on ‘what if‘ black actors were in the major roles of this year’s big films starring himself, Whoopi Goldberg and Leslie Jones.

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3:03pm – Sam Smith takes the stage to perform his original song for Spectre, “Writing’s on the Wall“.

3:15pm – BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS goes to Alicia Vikander for The Danish Girl! Well deserved in my books, I felt Alicia’s performance delved into thought provoking territory as she supported her Husband’s transition. Check out my first reaction video for The Danish Girl here.

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3:21pm – BEST COSTUME DESIGN goes to Mad Max – Fury Road! Yeeeah buddy! Loved this film, couldn’t agree more on the costume and look getting a nod!

3:28pm – BEST SET DESIGN and BEST MAKEUP and HAIRSTYLING goes to Mad Max: Fury Road. I couldn’t be more stoked with this. I loved this film last year and gave it an instant 10/10. So happy for all these worthy Australian and NZ crew and creatives right now! Mad Max was a Cosplay favourite at last year’s Armageddon Expo in Auckland and it’s not hard to see why!

3:38pm – BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY goes to The Revenant! I couldn’t agree more! Loved the look and shots in this film, absolutely stunning. Check out my first reaction on it here.

3:42pm – BEST EDITING goes to Mad Max: Fury Road! Wooo! Couldn’t be more stoked.

3:49pm – Yeeeow! I’m lovin’ this! Mad Max: Fury Road picks up BEST SOUND EDITING wow! They’ve won 5 out of the 10 they’ve been nominated for.

Mad Max: Fury Road wins it’s 6th for BEST SOUND MIXING, I really did think The Revenant was going to get this one to be honest, the way that sound was used to carry you from scene to scene was breathtaking in that. Buuttt not mad at Mad Max gettin’ the love.

3:57pm – What I’d probably call my surprise of the evening so far…BEST VISUAL EFFECTS goes to Ex Machina! I’m yet to see this baby, but the montage looked amazing!

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– The Weeknd did a short but sweet performance of Earned It, great song, terrible film, sexy and classy performance.

Well as these things happen, I’ve been loosing Wifi here and there so here’s a quick update…plus I’m getting some extra exercise in running between the TV and where my laptop has to be, to update this post. Phew yeah! I’m also dealing with housemates talking over my Snapchat videos. The struggle is real.

– BEST ANIMATED SHORT goes to Bear Story, which I’ve not seen, but I did see nominated Sanjay’s Super Team which I would have loved to have won!

– BEST ANIMATED FILM goes to Inside Out – yaasss! Loved this film.

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4:33pm – Mark Rylance wins BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR for Bridge of Spies. I’m sure it’s no surprise to anyone that I wanted Tom Hardy to win for his ah-mazing performance in The Revenant. But, congrats to Mark all the same. I also really enjoyed Mark in The Gunman last year with Sean Penn and I’m sure Mark will slay as The BFG this year.

5:00pmish – I’ve also shushed the housemates for the moment…but one is coming home any minute and I know this is going to provide some err…sound issues. Oh well the show must go on.

As you can see, I’ve ditched the whole putting a time up stuff now and I’m also agreeing with Ruby Rose’s tweet that she’s getting hungry due to the Oscars being so long. I’d go some canapes right now!

– BEST DOCUMENTARY SHORT goes to A Girl in The River, fantastic change making stuff for Pakistan with this winning. Loved Louis C.K.’s very true comments about their being no money in the most important style of film out there.

– BEST DOCUMENTARY FILM goes to AMY – everybody says this is a fantastic doco, I’m yet to see it and I’m not a massive Amy Winehouse fan so perhaps it’s worth a look?

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In Memoriam was very moving, Dave Grohl did a wonderful performance of “Blackbird” alongside the montage…was gutted to spot that James Horner had passed away. Obviously the nods to David Bowie, Leonard Nimoy and Alan Rickman made me tear up.

Well, here’s the part of the Oscars play-by-play where I let you know that it’s now 6:39pm, the winners and nominees will be searching out In and Out Burger or the parties while I’m getting grumpy that my Wifi crapped itself; that I’ve sustained some serious tweetfinger and RSI, which of course stands for Repetitive Snapchat Injuries while trying to keep up. Plus I feel like I have wrist splints, is that even a thing? If you want the full low down as it went, maybe jump over to the One Take Kate Twitter and Snapchat (onetakekate) accounts so you can check out what my device and connection allowed me to display.

So some more highlights for you…
– Best use of bodyshimmer went to Sofia Vergara

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Wonderful sentiments on rape culture and the urge to crush it from current U.S. Vice President Biden preceding Lady Gaga‘s very moving performance of “Til it happens to you” from the doco The Hunting Ground.

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Ennio Morricone pictured here with Quincy Jones, finally wins his first real Oscar (Clint Eastwood presented him with an honorary one in 2007), I know we’re all stoked for Leo and very rightly so but puh-lease! Morricone is one of the most important film score composers ever. Period. Plus he’s such a class act to give big ups to probably the next most important film score composer, John Williams.

Sam Smith won for best original song, sadly his gaffe re: being the first openly gay man to win an Oscar was well intended but misplaced as he was later informed that he was the second…his response? “2’s my lucky number”.

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Beyond stoked that Alejandro G. Inarritu won for BEST DIRECTING, so very very pleased that Leonardo DiCaprio won his well deserved BEST ACTOR Oscar, for all the “he should have won for this film” banter, DiCaprio is sublime in The Revenant so I’m glad this was the one that brought him across the line. As Banksy has commented on Twitter, Leo’s speech deserved it’s own Oscar! Leo’s such a class act that his first mention was to his supporting actor, Tom Hardy – and Tom’s face when he’s clocked that Leo’s using this amazing personal achievement to thank him first, is nothing short of one of the most moving bro-ments I’ve ever seen. Did actually tear up. The wonderful, vital Brie Larson was terrifying in her realness in Room and I’m so pleased for her win, yayyuh Brie.

This year’s ceremony has been hounded for not being diverse enough, yet the revolving door of diverse presenters, performers and academy members seems a little suspect, or at least trying to deflect the #oscarssowhite hashtag. Chris Rock‘s commentary on all fronts was bang on and I hope he’ll take the hosting reigns again next year. My favourite moment was perhaps Rock’s visit to a Compton movie theatre to get some vox pops reactions.

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Ok folks, that’s it, I’m pooped, I’m off to put my hand in an ice bath and fall asleep among my Oscar snack food wrappers.

Happy with the winners? Happy about ‘The Split” between Spotlight and The Revenant? Let me know below!



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