Broods – Self Titled EP Review

Get ready to meet the new Kiwi music duo that you’ll not only fall in love with; but surely will be scrambling to tell all your friends about as well… Broods aka Georgia and Caleb Nott, are a Nelson born and Auckland musically cultivated brother and sister who will no doubt be in the ears of many international taste-makers before the New Zealand Summer is through. Having recently spent time in-studio with Joel Little at the height of his Pure Heroine creation stage; that tight and lean musicality that Little has honed with Lorde is evident here and even cheekily self-referenced by the familial double act. On track Coattails, Georgia hauntingly coos; “…and we’ll ride the coattails/to the finish line” – this is a move I personally love, as generally the best way to deal with tall poppies are to cut their heads off; and surely this track is calling out all would be detractors?

This self-titled EP suffers the curse that all truly great EP’s suffer; is that you enjoy so much you wished they were an album and so hence you keep playing them again and again. Perfect for that dying light of Summer we are experiencing here in February; it’s for sun drenched evenings riding out to that perfect place to enjoy what makes us uniquely kiwi, a sense of freedom and a sense of sassiness. In terms of content, the compositions are vibrant, dripping with enough mood to make them three dimensional but sparing them from becoming garish in there production bells and whistles. Essential, smooth listening and part of a neo-wave of sophisticated electronic pop that is fast becoming a trademark of NZ music.



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