Supermodel – Rimu and Roses album review

y Kate “One Take Kate
Splashing into your eardrums comes the delightful and welcomed Rimu and Roses by Supermodel; bringing a swag bag of 70s rock and starry eyed guitar and piano noodling to the party.

I’m loathe to float comparisons to a band so magically ambitious in their own right, however it would be only fair to mention that sparkly big stadium feel that Muse and Queen have in spades.
This would probably be due to the fact that world renowned producer, Reinhold Mack; of Queen, ELO, David Bowie and The Rolling Stones experience base, has danced his digits across the dials for this taut 12 track release. Mastered at Mack’s Munich studios; the album was recorded in Christchurch at Quicksand Recording Studios as a follow up to Supermodel’s well received 2011 effort, To the Mountains. All songs have been crafted by band captain Mark Hanify on; vocal, guitar, piano, synth, bass and percussive duties. It’s a family affair with Rose Hanify also on vocals, piano and synths, with Janina Hanify on Clarinet; and regular members Michael White on bass and Tony Kemp on drums and percussion. It’s a rich musical ride, delivering on the sweeping and  theatrical feel that was so steeped in the history of 70s theme albums with seemingly impossible solos, progressions and breakdowns.

Yet somehow, there’s this modern sound peeping out at you from time to time; like that ultra-hip planed down feel of Grizzly Bear. Lyrically Rimu and Roses is positive and encouraging without resorting to bloated, indulgent whimsy – instead trading on the strength of making it through the everyday battles in life. No album that pays this much tribute to the foundations of rock gone by would be complete without a completely kickass album illustration in which the listener can gaze into for hours whilst listening to the music contained within…
Rimu and Roses is no exception; with illustrator and industry heavyweight Matthew Rodgers contributing the eye candy – you’ve no doubt seen some of his other works; District 9, The Hobbit… and …TinTin. Pure, fresh New Zealand rock we can all get behind.

Originally featured in website, February 2014.



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