100 Days Project – 100 Days of Fiction Writing

100 Days Project | Writing fiction | onetakekate.com

The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Deciding on a goal is half-way to the finish line. Channeling your energy consciously towards your goals is the first step in success. All of these mantras while true, don’t mean a damn if you don’t get stuck in behind it, show up and […]

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WIN: A copy of John Grisham’s ROGUE LAWYER!

By Kate “One Take Kate” Taylor Image via Hachette NZ ‘I’m not a typical lawyer. I don’t maintain a pretty office filled with mahogany and leather. I don’t belong to a big firm, prestigious or otherwise. I don’t do good works through the bar association. I’m a lone gunman, a rogue who fights bad systems […]

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