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The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Deciding on a goal is half-way to the finish line. Channeling your energy consciously towards your goals is the first step in success. All of these mantras while true, don’t mean a damn if you don’t get stuck in behind it, show up and make it happen. So, I’m…well actually I’m going to let my impulsive Facebook post tell you what I’m doing…

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Yip, that’s right. I’m going to challenge myself to write fiction. Beautiful, wonderful, scary, moving, funny, intriguing, thrilling fiction for ten minutes a day, for 100 days, starting from May 22nd.

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Here’s all the books I’ll have written during the 100 Days Project. Ok, ok, kidding I know. Image via Unsplash 

So this blog article is going to be the place I have my online journal of checking in and putting down a few (more!) words every day about how I felt about that day’s writing or the story or whatever. Just to keep myself accountable on the journey too.

If you think you might wanna jump on and live the 100 Days Project life, all you have to do is one creative thing, every day, for 100 days. It’s that easy. Painting, Knitting, Baking, Crafting, Writing like me, Collaging, Sewing, Graphic Design – whatever. Just make it creative, make it something you love to do and do it every day for 100 days. Ya with me?

Harry Potter piece in a 100 Days Project participant's work. | onetakekate.com
Harry Potter piece in a 100 Days Project participant’s work. Image via 100 Days Project.

How you can find out more about the 100 Days Project:

You can hit up the 100 Days Project on their website:
or on their Facebook or Twitter accounts.

Most importantly, make sure you register to get on-board by May 14th as all the fun kicks off on
May 22nd and I want you to join me!

Origami Project by a 100 Days Project participant. | onetakekate.com
Origami Project by a 100 Days Project participant. Image via 100 Days Project

Phhew! So here we go, pop back at the end of Day 1 – May 22nd and I’ll let you know how I go.

May 21st | 6:30pm
I’m getting really excited about the challenge of writing creatively every day for a minimum of 10 minutes a day! I’m not feeling nervous or apprehensive about it; but I do have a feeling that it will get perhaps a little bit difficult around day 14, when it feels like slacking off will be a good idea! But I’ll push on. I’ve also been thinking over the last few days that relaxing the terms on the creative writing is a good idea too. Fiction is definitely something I want to challenge myself and jump into, however I’ve been thinking about my own stories after publishing this Devin Townsend interview piece and realised that I’ve got a lot of great stories to share about my time working in the music industry and also about the three month trip I took around the U.S. with my Mum in 1992. So I’m looking forward to mining those subject areas too. I’m also thinking that it’s fine for me to write over the ten minute time frame if I’m really kicking butt that particular day; but any day it’s feeling like a chore, then I must complete at least ten consistent pieces of writing. Bring on tomorrow!

May 22nd – 15th June
OK. Can we talk about this? Time to come clean. Well, I’m a mixed bag of feelings on this idea but at the same time, I think I should go for it. You see, I’ve got to confess. I’ve not done one day’s participation on the 100 Days Project at all. Nope. Not one word written in the effort of writing fiction for 10 mins each day, for 100 days. I mean if it wasn’t going to be hard then it wouldn’t be a challenge but for me, I’ve found it incredibly hard to sit down and do this one simple task every day. Be it schedule, movie screenings, fitting in fitness, occasional depression dips to navigate through (more about that another day…) or just getting bogged down in my To Do list and as a result not accessing this creative space of writing that I wanted to connect with, within myself. I flick between feeling like a read dud for not having done it and holding a wild eyed optimism that it doesn’t matter and I can just start my own damn 100 Days right now. So I did it. I’ve just written 1,200+ creative words and I’ll let them sit overnight before I decide if they’re any good or not, but they feel pretty cool right now. I’ve written a short scene detailing what an NBA Finals Loss might feel like and wrote it about an imagined LeBron James inspired character that’s at breaking point after a fourth consecutive meeting at the Finals Championship. So I’m back on it. I’m going to commit to it and make it happen every day, with these 100 days finishing on 23 September. Wish me luck.

16th June


Book pages | onetakekate.com
Turning ‘someday’ into every day, for 100 days starting May 22nd. Image via Caio on Pexels | onetakekate.com

In the meantime, jump into the comments and tell me: what creative pursuit would you want to embark on every day, for 100 days?

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