Coming Attractions | May 9

One Take Kate and Mr Leon Taylor meet a Xenomorph at the NZ Premiere of Alien Covenant |

Mr Leon Taylor and I taking on a Xenomorph at the NZ Premiere of Alien: Covenant. 

Doing what I do in my regular One Take Kate’ing day, I get to find out about heaps of cool new things coming our way in the world of movies, music, live entertainment and more so I thought I’d suss out a way to tell you about new cool stuff once a week or so, to keep you all in the loop. But I guess the more often cool stuff happens, the more I’ll post these so stay tuned and we’ll see how it goes.

Feature image thanks to 20th Century Fox and Frances Oliver Photography.

I’m a hip hop fan so I’m really excited to see this new biopic about the life and influence of
Tupac Shakur (2Pac). Bursting into NZ Cinemas June 15, I’m going to be making sure I check this one out.


This new rom-com from Judd Apatow seems poignant and funny at the same time so I’m looking forward to checking it out. Just from the watch of the trailer, I’m sniffing a Best Supporting Actor Oscar nom for Ray Romano, who looks like San Antonio Spurs Coach Pop to me in this, except with dark hair heh-heh. The Big Sick is in NZ Cinemas this August.


#DoGoodFeelRad | Meet Kaibosh
This past week I’ve found out about Kaibosh a food rescue initiative in Wellington that takes quality surplus food and redistributes it to those in need in the Wellington and Lower Hutt areas. This month they’re running a challenge called Make a Meal in May 2017 where you get together with your friends or family and create a meal together (think bring a plate supremacy!) then donate what you would have spent on a meal out together, directly to Kaibosh to help with what they do in the community. Plus if you live in the Wellington / Lower Hutt area, there’s opportunities where you can donate your time too. To learn more about Kaibosh check out their website here and also their Facebook and Twitter.


Up Close and Personal with PECKING ORDER
Hurry to grab your tickets to an exclusive screening and then Q&A session of Kiwi film Pecking Order with director Slavko Martinov at Academy Cinemas in Auckland on Monday 15th April. Get your tickets here


T2:3D will be back…(sorry)
T2:3D is hitting our cinema screens on August 24 in NZ and I’m looking forward to seeing this classic, large and in charge and just as director James Cameron intended it.


ALIEN:COVENANT out this week!
I’m a big fan of the Alien Anthology of films! I’ve been pumped for Alien:Covenant for a while, I’ve been re-watching all the volumes in the anthology over the last two weeks and I was one of the lucky few to head along to Hoyts Wairau Park with 20th Century Fox NZ to try out the new recliners and see the glory that is Alien:Covenant before almost anywhere else in the world. I even had Red Carpet ask me what I thought about it for their cameras. Check it out here…

That’s it for this week! See you next Tuesday for more news, cool things and updates. In the meantime, slide into the comments and tell me: which movie are you looking forward to seeing in cinema?

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