Stranger Things: 5 ways to make watching it better

Stranger Things Viewing Tips - One Take Kate

By Kate “One Take Kate” Taylor   Making something more epic is a standard by which the internet abides. To take something beloved and to supersize it, well let’s just say it’s very important to my people. When I saw Stranger Things I was enraptured by the 80sness, the dry humour, the touching moments, the attention […]

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4 movies to watch this ANZAC Day

By Kate “One Take Kate” Taylor   An ANZAC Day Dawn Service at Auckland Museum. Image via One of my absolute favourite things about film is its ability to completely immerse the viewer in a different time period and all the realities of that society. This ANZAC Day after you’ve baked your ANZAC Bikkies, adorned your […]

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5 reasons why I’m ready to watch Breaking Bad

1 Ahh Breaking Bad…it’s basically a television institution now; becoming one of the most popular TV shows in the past ten years, creating household names out of the show’s stars, spurring countless dim-witted crimes claiming their inspiration from the drama and cleaning the floor with all other contenders time again at the Golden Globes, Emmys […]

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