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Stranger Things Viewing Tips - One Take Kate

By Kate “One Take Kate” Taylor


Making something more epic is a standard by which the internet abides. To take something beloved and to supersize it, well let’s just say it’s very important to my people. When I saw Stranger Things I was enraptured by the 80sness, the dry humour, the touching moments, the attention to detail and the downright cool atmospheric vibe of it all. Any natural reaction to something that innovative would be to want to amplify it, to put the topping on the sundae so to speak.

With announcements on August 31st 2016 that season two of Stranger Things is a go and will ‘air’ on Netflix in 2017; now’s the time to get a re-watching crew together or to check it out for yourself for the first time. Here’s some tips on how to make your Stranger Things viewing experience outta this dimension…

Waffles and a Fort…a winning combination for Mike (Finn Wolfhard) and El (Millie Bobby Brown). Image via

WARNING: Applying these suggested Stranger Things viewing accoutrements to your event will increase nerd-flow to your geek centres by at least 80% and definitely theme out your change-of-the-season Stranger Things viewing party to a bitchin’ extent.

Will (Noah Schapp) reads up on the importance of good fort making inside Castle Byers on Stranger Things. Image via

OK first things first, you’ll need an adequate fort from which to view your new favourite sci-fi, horror, 80s nostalgia TV show from. Get sheets and blankets, the crazier the patterns the better and build yeeself a fort! It doesn’t have to look like El’s, heck it could incorporate your whole couch, bed or living room if you want, but definitely make one! Perhaps even hang a Castle Byers sign above the entrance to your fort, if you don’t know why you should…you’ll be glad you did later. You could also incorporate some battery operated seed lights inside your fort if you like…but not electrical ones cause, let’s be safe right?! More on those lights next though…

I get it Joyce (Winona Ryder), I’m exactly the same around Christmas light, if I get sucked in…I’m staring for hours. Image via

Christmas lights have a huge significance in Stranger Things and lucky for you, it’s quite likely you’ve got some stashed away in your house right now that you can add to your Stranger Things viewing party that will take that thing Upside Down! String those colourful, twinkly little beauties everywhere in the room you’re enjoying your marathon in, cut the house lights and settle in. Hey also, if you’re a little fella maybe get an adult to give you a hand with this part eh?

YUS! I told you they’d give us a second season! Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin), Will (Noah Schnapp) and Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo) celebrate the wins. Image via

Take your Stranger Things evening to the next level and extend the nerdy fun out like a director’s cut by making like Mike, Will, Lucas and Dustin and incorporate board games into the event. You don’t have to be a Dungeon Master and commit to something like Dungeons & Dragons, Dungeon!, Magic the Gathering, Risk or anything hefty like that…just think fun, simple games you used to play as a kid that you could have a quick blast of between episodes even. Grab the cards and play Snap!, 21, Go Fish, whatever. Dust off the old Pass the Pigs playing pieces for a few rounds. Upwords, Snakes and Ladders, Jenga, Connect Four: check out your local Op or Hospice shop for games goodies; or if you need to get the body moving and wanna go full 80s, breakout or make your own Twister mat.

“Hey! Wait, this isn’t my harmonica…”. A confused Steve (Joe Keery) makes the best of a bad situation. Image via.

If there’s one thing that responsible adults like to do, it’s to add alcohol to things that are already quite awesome. So I bring you a very simple Stranger Things drinking game idea should your viewing party be the type that has a tipple involved. How you do it is up to you, but here’s some key ideas for you to use to tip yo glass. Similarly, if you wanna play along with M&Ms or Candy instead…you go right ahead.

CONSUME! If you hear or see…
– Someone using a torch

– Someone riding a bike

– When Jonathan (Charlie Heaton) takes a photo

– Anytime The Wheeler Family have a sit-down meal

– When you see someone reading a Stephen King book

– Anytime you see railway tracks

– Anytime you see a poster for John Carpenter’s The Thing (bonus consume points if you spot when one of the characters is watching it…)

– When you see someone in a hazard suit

– You hear a song by The Clash

– Whenever Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo) references Star Wars

– When someone uses a compass

– When someone uses a walkie-talkie or short-wave radio

If this isn’t your first time watching Stranger Things then you’ll know a heap of other things you can add in to make your game customized…ultimately have some fun with it.

El (Millie Bobby Brown) knew she had to be tough on Benny (Chris Sullivan) if he stood any chance on Masterchef. Image via

Finally, no re-watch or marathon would be complete without appropriate food to sustain your viewing. With eight hours of Stranger Things season 1 to indulge in, you could really plan your entire day’s eating on what’s consumed in the show.

Definitely start out with some of El’s Waffles and Syrup for breakfast, we can’t get Eggo’s in New Zealand but Nanna’s will do nicely. For nibbling during eps a bit of a platter incorporating stuff inspired by an 80s childhood like Pringles, Trail Mix, Chocolate Wafers, Vanilla Cookies, Pez and Bubblegum will make you feel just like one of Mike’s gang. For a quick power boost try Dustin’s pro-tip and snatch a Chocolate Pudding pack to help you get through.

YES! Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin) and Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo) find the motherload. Image via

When dinner rolls around though, you can do two options either: the on-the-run special of a Benny Burger & Stolen Fries or something a bit more heart-warming like Mrs Wheeler’s traditional Meatloaf, Mashed Potato and Mixed Vegetables. Dessert? Ice Cream straight out of the tub of course.

Why share? Image via

Quench that TV binge watching thirst too, with show featured drinks like of course Coca Cola, Tab if you can get it but Diet Coke will work, Orange Juice, Hot Cocoa and if you’re getting adult with it, then the cheapest, crappiest beer you can find so you can step outside and try to shotgun it like Steve Harrington (Joe Keery) and his cronies.

There you go, everything you need to get your Stranger Things viewing party off to a successful start. Want more cool Stranger Things reads? Check out this article that looks deeper at all the product placement in Stranger Things or this article about El’s favourite foods.

How cool is this Stranger Things Collector’s Card? I wish I could really buy it! Created by artist, Mr Leon Taylor. Image via

What do you love about Stranger Things? What theories do you have for Season Two?

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