Stranger Things: 5 ways to make watching it better

Stranger Things Viewing Tips - One Take Kate

By Kate “One Take Kate” Taylor   Making something more epic is a standard by which the internet abides. To take something beloved and to supersize it, well let’s just say it’s very important to my people. When I saw Stranger Things I was enraptured by the 80sness, the dry humour, the touching moments, the attention […]

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By Kate “One Take Kate” Taylor New Zealand Fashion Week has sashayed into our headlines and social media feeds in great frequency and as the last collections are shown, the goodie bags are combed through and the vlogs are uploaded you might be feeling like you want just a little bit more… an encore of […]

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12 Movies of Christmas with OTK

Image via: Mr Leon Taylor Ahhh the traditional Kiwi Christmas! It’s a wonderful time of the year! You’re either; squished tight into an over-packed car travelling hilly, winding distances to see relatives that you can barely remember, to settle in for a two week stint of awkward communal bathroom times. Or perhaps you’re squished into […]

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