By Kate “One Take Kate” Taylor
New Zealand Fashion Week has sashayed into our headlines and social media feeds in great frequency and as the last collections are shown, the goodie bags are combed through and the vlogs are uploaded you might be feeling like you want just a little bit more… an encore of sorts?

FEDERATION CLOTHING take the catwalk with their new collection at New Zealand Fashion Week 2016. Image via

Of course the other nice thing about New Zealand Fashion Week is that it is heralding the start of our ‘Spring’; inverted commas cause I know tonight and for a few more entertainment binge-worthy evenings to come, we’ll all be seeking a blankie, snacks and some engaging viewing. Perhaps these fashion forward films will help you transition from #NZFW without feeling too much like the kid that doesn’t wanna leave the birthday party!

Iris Apfel. Image via

IRIS (2014)
Please adopt me Iris Apfel. I mean no disrespect to my own Mama at all but gawd damn Iris is the sassiest and most original #girlboss there is. If you’re yet to have the pleasure of encountering the wonder that is Iris Apfel then this doco helmed by Albert Maysles (notable for The Rolling Stones doco Gimme Shelter) is a real treat. It is a whirlwind day-in-the-life doco following Iris around and trust me…you’re going to feel like a major underachiever when you see what this 94 year old fashionista can bust out on the reg in terms of bidness admin. Fierce. Plus wonderful messages about finding your own unique interpretation on fashion.

Raf Simons contemplates one of his creations in Dior and I. Image via

DIOR AND I (2014)
Dior and I is a breath-taking and exclusive look inside the internationally renowned fashion house Christian Dior and serves as a time capsule to detail the arrival of Raf Simons‘ first presentation of a haute couture collection. It’s intense, there are tears and some rip-roaring fights which all make for some very engrossing viewing indeed. Asides to the ‘people-watching’ aspect of course the collection is stunning and the tireless work of the women in the workshops at Christian Dior are the true winners – real ladies that are crafting exquisite fashion while chomping on choccie bars or dashing out to pick up the kids. Heart-warming AF. Crammed with luxe appearances from everyone from Anna Wintour to Grace Coddington it’s a fashion feast and like a souped up Project Runway.

Saint Laurent-Key Still Photo Credit- Carole Bethuel-0-2000-0-1125-crop
Saint Laurent. Image via

Not feeling the fashion doco vibe but still want some haute couture indulgence? French film Saint Laurent will perhaps be more your style then. This biopic as you’d imagine catalogues the career of Yves Saint Laurent, in particular the portions between 1967 to 1976. It features beautiful art direction, wonderful costumes and a swinging 60s and 70s soundtrack making it a heady immersion into fashion’s international emergence.

Carine Roitfeld. Image via

Mademoiselle C shows former Vogue Paris editor Carine Roitfeld’s move to New York City and the subsequent launch of her own, new magazine title. This is a very empowering watch for all those #girlboss and #blogbabe women out there as Carine navigates her way through logistic and creative issues troubleshooting towards her end goal. Absolutely utterly dripping with appearances from those of high fashion, film and music it’s an A List watch. Mademoiselle C speaks of courage in the face of finding your next big achievement and assessing your place in the world; as the extraordinarily innovative Carine moves into the next stage of her womanhood as an entrepreneur, mother, wife and grandmother. By the way, the heavy featuring of
Karl Lagerfeld is so bloody delightful; he really does come off as eccentric Ol’ Uncle Karl! I Loved it.

So there you go, some stylish selections to keep that #NZFW feeling going just that little bit longer!

What’s your favourite film or documentary based on Fashion?

While this post is not sponsored, a big thanks to Madman Entertainment NZ for sending me Dior and I, Iris and Saint Laurent because you thought I’d like `em…thanks dudes!



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