The Nice Guys movie review

By Kate “One Take Kate” Taylor

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Combining Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling? I was interested from the moment they started creating buzz for this slapstick detective comedy when they presented together at the 2016 Oscars. My optimism paid off…

I had an absolute ball at The Nice Guys. It’s a classic injection of action and buddy-cop styled comedy that when done right, as it is here, jumps to another level. The physical comedy that Gosling delivers is worth the price of admission alone. Plus if you’re not too much of a Russell Crowe fan, I can confirm that this is a great character performance from him, really enjoyable and he plays the ‘straight man‘ perfectly off of Gosling’s lovable loser role. I want a sequel!

A cool flashback to 70s style and the ‘two bros on a mission‘ theme that Shane Black is so good at and so well known for. With his previous directing credits like Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005) and Iron Man 3 (2013); plus his comprehensive writing credits in: each Lethal Weapon film (1987 – 1998), The Last Action Hero (1993), The Long Kiss Goodnight (1996) and The Last Boy Scout (1991), to name just a few.

Crowe was put out during filming when Gosling and himself had to constantly hide from thirsty fans. Image via

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