Love, Rosie movie review

By Kate ‘One Take Kate’ Taylor

Image via: Mr Leon Taylor.

Lilly Collins (Mortal Instruments) and Sam Claflin (Hunger Games) star as Rosie and Alex in Love, Rosie a new British rom-com adapted from the best selling novel – Where Rainbows End. If you adore films like: Four Weddings and a Funeral ; Love Actually, Notting Hill or the Bridget Jones Diary’s films then this is a must see! This exquisitely shot and beautifully lit film takes us on the journey of friendship between Rosie and Alex; visiting points in their best buddy relationship over a 12 year timespan. Taking in the sights of London and Boston this cute n fun little flick has a cool transatlantic feel about it as Rosie and Alex comedically miss their opportunity to catch up with each other…to see if there’s maybe something more to their special ‘since Kindy’ friendship. Supported by a fantastic ensemble cast Love, Rosie pays special attention to all the things that make a rom-com so much fun, throw in a little potential for heartbreak and you’ve got yourself and engaging, non-cheesy swoonfest. Collins is a delight as Rosie, a female romance character that has real responsibilities, dreams and family which keeps the whole tone of the film rooted in reality. While Claflin does an exceptional job of Alex; creating a likeable and honest male character that has his faults like everyone else but his ability to be tender and loving doesn’t automatically make him a total wussbag.

Sam brings up some healthy Hunger Games vs The Mortal Instruments competition during filming…it was not well received. (Image via)

There’s some sore-throat moments as the film spans time and brings with it the inevitable pains of growing and of losing the ones you love, mixed with the joys of making new connections and achieving life long goals. It’s a real fun little romp what would make the perfect film to watch with a bunch of your dearest and nearest gal-pals; or if your man is looking to score some brownie points with you – get him to grab a stash of chocolatey snacks and snuggle up next to you to watch it to. Embarrassment, cringe-worthy adolescent moments and the uncertainties of love through the different times of your life: Love, Rosie really will have something for everyone to take away and feel swoony about.

Academic Area: Homage. There’s a big difference between plagiarism and homage; and Love, Rosie definitely falls into the latter. Whereas plagiarism raises your ire and can cause a strong negative reaction, especially if it’s a film you LOVE being plagiarised…homage should have the ability to have you be in-on-the-joke with the film’s creators but also to carve out a deeper love for the film that the creators are paying homage too. Take Love, Rosie for example: not to give a lot away but, there’s a character in Love, Rosie; Ruby, who is rather similar to the character of Scarlett in Four Weddings and a Funeral. However it’s my feeling that this is done quite intentionally. The appearance of Ruby makes us feel all the warm and loving connections to the film we love and helps to carry those over into this new film, without having ripped Scarlett kicking and screaming from Hugh Grant’s side and plonking her straight into Love, Rosie. This is homage and it’s done well.

Rosie (Collins) is a cool and down to earth chick you would love to have as your friend…just don’t trust her to hold your ice cream though. (Image via)



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