X-Men Apocalypse movie review

By Kate “One Take Kate” Taylor

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X-Men: Apocalypse first reaction – I’m unashamedly going to say that I was probably always going to enjoy X-Men Apocalypse.

When you’re a fan of a particular franchise and in this case a specific aspect of the Marvel Universe then you’re usually hard pressed to dislike any content based on what you love, right?
When l was a tween I lived for Saturday morning cartoons and in the lineup, the Marvel cartoon adaptation of X-men was must see viewing for me; and this mutant action movie holds the same ideals as the cartoon version that I treasured so much.

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Mega chaotic destruction, complicated love triangles, alliances, betrayals – ooohh it’s just so good and with X-Men Apocalypse being `80s set, it gives it a warm familiarity to anchor all the action, character development and those all important feels too. All my favourite characters (I won’t list ’em…I’ll spare you), perfect tone with the right amount of humour in well selected spots.

X:Men Apocalypse is out in NZ Cinemas today – May 19th!

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