The Wine Box – Albany AK, New Zealand.

This quickie review was the result of an extended catch up with a visiting Kiwi ex-pat, doing a visual check on family and friends in Aotearoa.

Being a notorious foodie, and after a late night of catching up, I took my hungry friend Kirsty to our local ‘swish’ cafe in Albany, The Wine Box Cafe and Restaurant. We were making a fleeting stop on this occasion, coming in at about 10.30am when you would expect a bit of a transition period for most eateries. Yet, The Wine Box had a good handful of happy looking patrons at this time of the day, on a nothing-out-of-the-ordinary Tuesday morning.
We were seated quickly and politely asked if we wouldn’t perhaps like to move inside from The Wine Box’s lovely wrap-around deck area

and that to move the place settings would be no trouble at all – as despite the rays of Spring sunlight, the air was still crisp to the touch against bare skin! We defiantly declined, and then were pleasantly surprised that we were not admonished or harassed for admitting defeat and retreating to one of the sunny window tables inside, facing out to busy Albany Village.

As our water was poured for us, our server took our drinks order and then bustled away, returning mere moments later with a piping hot and delicious double espresso for Kirsty and an indulgent Hot Chocolate for me. As we were just making it a flying visit, we decided to split an order of Belgian Style Waffles, complete with berry compote, maple syrup and ice cream. Priced at $16.00, which seemed pricey on paper but was value for money when the large serving of puffy, light waffles appeared. Our server also proudly produced a second plate and set of cutlery, without request from us or a face of reprisal. Overall, this was the perfect quiet yet vibin’ cafe to pop into for an continued chat. With great value for money, atmosphere and a nice handy location; I’ll certainly be visiting again soon for lunch, dinner or to swing by and grab something from their takeaway menu.

The Wine Box Cafe and Restaurant.
239 State Highway 17, Albany Village, Auckland, New Zealand.
(09) 415 8600

Who’s it great for: Family, Friends and even well behaved little ones will have a fine time here. Also great line between foodie fare and comfy cafe cuisine and surroundings.

Price Range: For Breakfast anywhere from $9.50 for Eggs Any Style prepared your way on toasted wholemeal bread and served with grilled herb crusted tomato, served with chutney; through to the man-licious Maxi Grill with all the trimmings (Bacon, fried eggs, grilled herb crusted tomato, hash brown, mushroom, sausage, toast and served with chutney) at $18.00.
What’s on the menu: Also available for brekkie biters; Eggs Bene, French Toast (Which Kirsty very nearly picked due to a lack of this dish in Australia!), Field Mushrooms on Toast, Omelettes, a kid’s grill option and more.



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